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Manufacturing Processes:

  1. -CNC Machined Rotational Products – Complex rotational parts with milled slots, flats, cross holes, & engraving with features on one or both ends. In part manufacturing many machining processes create burrs or other tolerance problems that can be eliminated on our state-of-the-art machinery. This equipment enables our manufacturing people to produce complete burr free parts with features that would require two to three operations on conventional CNC machinery.

  2. -CNC Machined Prismatic Products – Complex prismatic components with features on 5+ sides that require simultaneous processing due to tight feature to feature tolerances. Our advanced machinery provides the opportunity to process complex prismatic components using a wide variety approaches that are only available to us because of the sophistication of our equipment.

  3. - CNC Wire EDM Products - Some part features can only be achieved with either conventional EDM’S or Wire EDM’s. E.T. has in house wire EDM capabilities and has close relations with a company with extensive conventional EDM capabilities.


Materials Machined:
6061, Brass, 304 VAR, Monel, 6020, Copper, 313, 440C, 6262, 4140, 17-4 PH, BeCu, 7075, 303, Kovar, 2011, 304, Invar.


Major Inspection Equipment:


OGP Smartscope Flash 200 Vision System
B&S Global Image 575 DCC-CMM with scanning capability, using PCDMIS software
Starrett 18 x 24 DCC-CMM
Edmunds Precision Air Bore Gages
Starrett HB400 Optical Comparators


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