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Traditional CNC Lathe manufacturing has been one tool on a part at the time producing all the round features. Even simple Milling operations like cross-holes, flats, and slots were produced by re-fixturing the part on a milling machine and completing the prismatic features.


State-of-the-art machines of today can complete all of this on a single machine right from bar stock. At E.T. we have eight multi-turret, multi-function CNC Precision Turning Centers. Each machine has two turrets with live tooling capability and two spindles enabling work to be completed on both ends of the part. This modern technology puts the “E” back in the excitement of parts manufacturing today. Particularly when you couple the machine capability with our off-line programming capability in Master Cam and PartMaker the sky is the limit.


Not only can we complete parts with very complex milling requirements, but by producing the round features simultaneously with the prismatic (milled) features, we are able to produce parts virtually burr free. In optical parts manufacturing in particular many parts have cross holes or slots that intersect with critical bores with .0005” tolerances that are required to be burr free to function correctly. With multi-function machines we can deburr the cross hole or we can finish the bore after the cross work has been completed.


Most of the installed CNC Lathe machine tools in the world today are two axis machines with one turret. At E.T. most of our CNC Lathes are at least 4 axis machines with many having two turrets. With single turreted machines part processing is accomplished one tool at a time. Here, with two turrets we can put two tools to work on a part simultaneously. Even though this doesn’t completely cut the cycle time in half, it does reduce the time to make a part by 60% in some cases.


If you’re looking to have work done by a state-of-the-art machining company or if you’re looking for a job with a company with exciting high-tech machinery, then E.T. Precision Optics is the place for you.


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